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Related article: Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 23:27:25 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 43"Adventures of Tray and Jay 43"PART 43: A LITERARY ADVENTUREI don't do the library scene, see. Mention me to anyone who knows me, okay, and right off what you'll probably get is them grinning because they just snapped on me sprawled on the couch or half-naked out in the sun or jamming to tunes in my Jeep or something else, depending on how well they know me or wish they knew me. Nobody'd ever place me in the friggin library, see. Never. So I'd never even admit I went there, except this one's too good! Cripes! If I even thought shit like this went down in the library all the time, I'd be there every day. No shit.I had to do a paper for my Government class, and I drew a beauty. Check this out: "Discuss the basic Machiavellian principles of legitimacy and obedience as they relate to George Orwell's 'Lord of the Flies.' Cite published references to back up your argument."Fuck me! I mean, what the hell? Anyway, there was no getting out of it, and I always do my best. I'm no scholar, but I'm not stupid, either. My little bro and I are the same this way, we both dig math and science. I mean, they make sense, what's not to like? I've even been known to get this weird high going off on antilogarithms in calc. Who wouldn't if he only knew what's there? The literary geeks are who I worry about. Or I did, see. Now I think they're maybe cooler than I thought.Okay, I'm sitting there alone Lolita Fuck at a big table with all these nasty, smelly, old books I found from a computer search, and they're all open, spread out everywhere like I know what's in them already and only have to refresh my memory. BullSHIT! My elbows are on the table, and my head is cradled between my hands the way you do when your skull is ready to explode or you're thinking about taking the elevator up to the top and jumping off. I've been in college long enough to have had the urge, and believe me, from what I hear it's natural.When...along came someone, I didn't know who yet, but I could feel him there by my side, and I saw his tight, light blue cords, and his soft, pale hand touching one of my books and gently flipping the pages, and then...and then he LAUGHED! Not loud, but delicate like his hand, and I wanted to look up and see who he was, but I didn't want to give in to it. Does that make sense? So he starts to go through other books, and clearly it all amuses him so much that finally I can't help it, and I lift my head from my hands and stare...At this beautiful kid I'd seen around campus. Everyone said he's like a genius. He didn't know I was looking yet, so I got to take him in close up for the first time ever, although I've definitely watched him from a distance a few times. He looks like he's 14, smooth, light skin, soft, shiny, dark brown hair with red highlights (DAMN!), and when he turned his head an inch closer to me I saw his lips curve in a cute grin, and blue eyes. He's just a little guy, too, 5'5", 100 pounds, heightening the impression of a boy barely through puberty.That's when he shook his head, and I watched the hair around his neck dance as if it knew how lucky it was to be there, and he looked at me! I blinked. I swallowed. My mouth fell open. I stared."Oh, hey, I've seen you!" he said, and I couldn't believe it."Yeah, me, too," I replied idiotically, and he showed me his teeth when he smiled that time. I was dying!"Uh-huh!" he nodded sweetly, and his hand came at me. "I'm Edward. Nice to meet you finally.""Oh, yeah! I'm Tray." I took his hand and held on longer than he expected, and he got nervous, and his smile went away, and I kicked myself really hard inside. I even blushed, and I don't do that much any more, considering where I've been."Well...pretty heavy stuff," Edward went on, nicely, I could tell. "You a Poli Sci major?""Oh, fuck no!" I responded automatically. "It's just this class I have to take. Here. Look at the assignment."I handed Edward the sheet of paper, and he got this nostalgic look in his pretty, blue eyes. "Oh, yeah, I remember this from high school."CRASH! BURN! Lolita Fuck He must have seen it in my face because he put the paper down and let his hand go to my shoulder. My eyes were drawn to his, and for this weird moment we both went funny gazing into each other's eyes. Then we snapped together, and I sat up straight."Well, here, Tray," he said, all business. He picked out two books. "All you really need are these two and one more. Where's 'The Prince'?"I thought he must be messing with me, and I grinned and shrugged." 'The Prince'? By Machiavelli? You've read it, right?"I didn't want to admit to this kid that I never read it, so I went, "My professor gave us all an outline...""OUTLINE! Oh, Lolita Fuck my God! Come on!" He was tugging at my arm, so I got up, and he just pulled me along. "Good God, Tray, you can't do a paper based on key aspects of Machiavellianism with an OUTLINE! Grab those two books and come with me."Why did I feel like a bad kid being pulled along by the ear by some teacher? Maybe because I was?Edward hustled me through a maze of bookshelves until my head was swimming! Then he crashed to a stop, and I bumped up behind him and felt his incredible warmth, and I stayed close there as long as I could. I loved his soft butt against my hardening crotch, and he didn't notice, he was too busy trying to reach high enough for something, and then I saw it... 'The Prince,' way up there, so I leaned even closer and went light-headed but got it...And that's when Edward froze again, with me pressed real close to him, real close, see, I mean my bone was flapping hard through my shorts, and my free hand went to his hair laying there on his neck, and I stroked it softly, no idea whatsoever what I was doing, but I dug the butterflies in my belly, and my dick was all the way hard, and it felt so good I didn't want it to end, but someone came around the corner fast, and suddenly we were apart again, as if we'd never been touching.Except I saw it in Edward's eyes, and I licked my lips and swallowed and shot him a look and whispered through a dry throat, "I'm sorry, dude," and I was actually ashamed of myself! Really. I turned and tried to flee, but a few steps away he was there on my heels and I felt his hands, both of them, on my waist! Oh, my God! I stopped in my tracks and tensed."Hey," he whispered and tugged gently at me, so I turned. He was scared, breathing heavy, and so was I! I noticed we were alone. "It's okay, Tray. I didn't mind. No one ever touches me any more because they think I'm just a kid, but I'm 21, and I've done know...with friends before."I gawked! "No way, dude! I'm only 19!"He pursed his lips, so fucking cute! My head was pulled down toward his by the gravity of it! I resisted as well as I could, but then his lips turned up a little, and he wet them with his beautiful, red tongue, and my hands went to his waist, then up his sides and under his arms, and I felt him go limp in my grip so I held on tighter, and he made this hot sound in his throat, and suddenly we were pressed all the way together, and we both grunted softly...And I let one of my hands go up behind the boy's neck and hold on while I eased my face to his and smelled his sweet breath and then felt his thin lips on mine, and I tasted him and sighed as his arms wrapped around me tentatively, and we stood there amid the bookshelves and smooched blindly! It was totally outrageous!"Oh, fuck!" I heard someone chuckle, but so what! I reached down and squeezed Edward's ass and worked my middle finger up his crack and felt his cheeks loosen up down there, and he gasped and sprayed his delicious boy spit in my mouth, and I swallowed reflexively. Our teeth scraped together, and I kept fingering his tight, little butt through his well-worn cords, and finally our senses started to return, and we let go of each other and tried to get control back.I saw a guy watching in the distance, rubbing himself a little over his fly, but when he saw me looking he stopped fast and turned away. Edward was in shock!"Oh, man," I said, dazed, and felt my cock spaz and leak a huge squirt of precum down my leg."I live in the dorms," Edward gasped. "My own room.""Cool."So we both were pushing down on our out of control peckers and slowly getting our breaths back as we left the library in a hurry, except for a quick stop to check out my books, and I became aware of the dude who saw us messing around, and he was following! No shit!"We're being followed," I said quietly as we walked quickly through the peaceful, nighttime campus. The breeze was perfect and cooled me off a little. I was real over- heated, see."WHAT?" Edward started to panic."Relax, it's cool. He's about 18, built nice and sturdy, Lolita Fuck with dark, brown hair like yours only short, and he has beautiful skin. I think his eyes are green, but I'm not sure because he's nervous as hell, he looks away every time I try to wink at him!""Well, what are we going to do, Tray? Lose him?"I looked at Edward and shrugged, and then I lost it and giggled. "Let's have some fun, kid." Edward bit his lower lip, and a gleam shined out of his eyes! Wow! "Come on, hurry."We picked up our pace and rounded a dark corner, and I grabbed Edward and pushed him to the wall, and we waited...waited...and right when the shy dude came around the corner, I grabbed him and threw him hard against the wall and shocked the hell out of the poor guy! He was scared shitless! His hands came up automatically, defensively, and I took them rough and pinned them by his head."What do you want, man?" I demanded, as coldly as I could bring myself to do, and I saw the whites of his eyes and his pearly teeth glowing in the dark! Cool!"Nothing, nothing! Oh, God, leave me alone, I'll go away, please just let me go away!""Get his wallet!" I told Edward, and the poor kid was shaking bad but he did it! "Who is he?"Edward fumbled the wallet open and squinted and finally said, "Uh, looks like...Sharon...I mean Shannon...Murphy. He turned!"I leered at the dude! LEERED! "Well, Shannon, happy birthday!"And that's when I planted a big, wet one on his outraged lips, and he squirmed like hell at first, but then I felt his heart beating wildly through his sweaty T-shirt, and his lips responded to mine a tiny bit, and so I shot him some tongue, and Edward came closer and snuggled up to both of I let go of Shannon's wrists, and they lowered slowly, so slowly, until they settled on one of each of our shoulders, and he did it. His tongue came out to play, at first scared but then stiffer and surer like his bone already was, tenting out from his shorts and dueling with mine!"Oh, no, man, I'm fixin to cream!" Shannon grunted, overwhelmed, so I dropped and freed his 8" dripping erection from hell and pulled Edward down with me, and together we licked the birthday boy's balls! Shannon lost it, see, LOST IT! His voice dropped two octaves and trembled all throaty and manly, and I felt his fingers grip the back of my neck fiercely, and when my tongue licked slowly up his wet shaft from his nuts to his perfect, big, round, gushing knob, that stud just wailed!And none of us gave a damn! You only turn 18 once, and what better way to celebrate than to have two horny guys on their knees servicing you in a very dark, seldom-traveled shortcut?"Is this your first time, dude?" I asked, and Shannon shivered and shook and grunted an affirmative, and I gently pushed on Edward's head with one hand and pointed Shannon's lower head straight out from his hip and watched as Edward's mouth opened and took that hot, teenage, birthday cock an inch at a time! Shannon tensed and went silent and spazzed all over, quivering uncontrollably, until Edward's lips closed on that sweet, sexy meat and ended with his nose nestled in the other young man's thick pubic bush, and I stood fast and took his mouth with mine to muffle the cry I knew was coming...And it sure as shit came! His whole body flexed and tried to tear loose in his nut- popping, cherry flinging orgasm to end all orgasms! Shannon twisted off in my arms, and his spit flew into my mouth, and he unloaded his whole pent-up, virgin load of dick juice into my new buddy Edward's happy mouth, and Edward just moaned and chuckled gleefully down there! You bet! Finally Shannon began to twitch and subside, but Edward was down there for a while more. His butt was on his heels, and he was lost in the pleasure of taking a dude's first wad and wasn't about to miss a damn drop of that boy cream! No way!When Edward stood and Shannon moved to stow his pecker, I slid behind him and wrapped my arms around his hard, young body and let him feel my thing at his back door, and I nibbled on his neck and ear as I took control of his slippery, still frisky dick and stroked it like it was mine, until finally, when Shannon was leaning all the way back into me, his head resting on my shoulder, I forced the monster back in his Boxers and reluctantly zipped him up tight and let him go."Shit," Shannon breathed in disbelief, looking down and shaking his cute head. Then he focused again and looked from Edward to me and swallowed and very shyly moved closer, right between both of us, and met my eyes finally as he reached out uncertainly with both hands and gently took us between the legs. Edward shivered, and I gasped and leaned into his warm grip, and Shannon fought off passing out and then bent to one knee."Come on, man," I said to him, playing with his beautiful, short hair. "You can have it all at Edward's...""Hey, we can go to my dorm if you want!" Shannon interrupted, real excited for some reason. "My dormmate got kicked out already for attacking a fag...I mean...""We know what you mean, dude," I assured him, and he grinned in relief."Well, anyways, he was real uptight about shit," Shannon finished. "I really wanted to help him relax, you know, but I don't like to fight. Donny...that's my old roomie...left some real kinky shit behind. Tittie mags and...whatever. So you want to go there? Please?"Edward and I looked at each other and shrugged, and we all just headed off together in the dark. It felt good. But when we got to the dorms, I swear I wanted to die! The boys all over! Gads! If ever I decided to come out with a bang, that's where I'd do it! I mean, fuck me, see. College boys are so cool. They care so much about their looks and clothes and hair and the way they smell and all, and especially what everyone else thinks of them! So that's what all the dorm boys were up to when we got in, parading around in various states of dress or undress, strutting their stuff, and WHAT STUFF! Plus they all stared at Shannon and Edward and me as if they could smell fags, which they basically can. I felt the gaydar pinging us! Problem is, I dug it! I'm bad, I know.Finally we got to Shannon's room, and it was cool, small but comfy, very organized except for a jock strap and sweat shorts thrown in a tangle on the floor by his twin bed, which I noticed was made but all fucked up! Damn, someone had to jack it in a hurry earlier in the day. I couldn't resist."Good fist action after class today, Shannon?" I asked softly, almost to myself, while he locked the door, and he didn't hesitate:"Real good, man..."He froze, horrified, and blushed crimson! Edward cracked up and slapped his knees! I took off my shirt and suggested, "Let's see the kinky shit." That's when I noticed the bathroom door was almost closed with the light on, but as Shannon smiled and started to return to his normal, creamy complexion and dropped to his knees by the other twin bed in the room, I spaced it.He pulled a box out from under the now spare bed, and we joined him, on our knees, real close. He pawed through the magazines of nasty pussy shots and shit, and I pawed over him. Edward lost interest in the girlie mags fast and started playing with Shannon's upper body softly, curiously, beautifully. I sat on my butt and pushed my shorts and Tommys down over my shoes, and Shannon's eyes were glued to my hot package the whole time! His eyes ARE green, by the way. Then when Edward lost his clothes fast, Shannon was torn to him."Suck me," I ordered Shannon directly, making him look me in the eye. He wasn't shy any more, and he licked his lips and spun sideways with his elbows on the floor and his butt up in the air for Edward to get lost in, which the boy promptly did...and Shannon breathed on my hard, flapping pole in total excitement, and then he took a deep breath and came closer and opened his mouth and turned his pretty, green eyes up to me and did it. He took me in his mouth, slowly, unsure exactly how to do it, but quickly he remembered what Edward did to him, and it all came naturally! Fuck, it's awesome to watch a dude discover his natural abilities and desires!Shannon made love to my cock with his warm, wet, talented but untried mouth, and I slid forward and lowered my butt to my heels and stroked his sexy, shiny, brown hair, and he closed his eyes and moaned in absolute delight. I could barely talk!"Um, Shannon," I whispered, hoarse, and cleared my throat, and the boy just MMMMd for me. "I..uhh...I'm about to lose control, man...""MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"And I did, I lost it, I stretched my back all the way over my heels and cut loose in him, one hellacious, back-breaking, nut-squeezing, blinding rush of manly release as my cream spewed from my balls through my shaft and out my pisser into Shannon's hungry, sucking, 18-year-old man mouth! God, it was hot! Oh, yeah, and I moaned real loud, too!When it stopped, I had trouble getting back up! Every muscle that went tight and then nearly snapped but not quite had to unwind, and I was sweating bad all over, and my breathing was harsh and ragged, and besides, Shannon was still down there torturing out more cum! Edward had one hand down the back of Shannon's cords, which he'd opened up somehow and pushed down a little, enough to work his fingers down inside the inexperienced newcomer's crack! Damn, what we had to do to that boy!I heard something then, a stifled cough or something, and thought to myself, in my fuzzy mind, it's in the hall, or next door, and then I leaned over and sucked on Shannon's face, all of it, wet and sloppy and licking up every taste of my sperm I could get, because it's so cool when you taste yourself off another dude, especially one as sweet and fresh as Shannon! Well, I heard his hand fall heavily into the box, and after a few more seconds of smooching I felt cold steel on my back, and I laughed in shock and delight!"Tell me those aren't handcuffs, man," I whispered in his ear, and I sensed his pleasure, his crazy flash of masculine heat into me, and then there was a horrible scream and cry from the direction of the bathroom, and we all turned and looked in time to see a totally insane college boy with a baseball bat and a real scary grimace twisting his face in wild rage, coming at us!We stood, all three of us, and I pushed my way in front of Shannon, but then he THREW me out of his way, onto the spare bed, and moved between Edward and the lunatic with the bat, who finally managed to scream:"FAGGOTS FAGGOTS FAGGOTS FAGGOTS FAGGOTS!" before he choked and sputtered out, but he lifted the bat in one hand, ready to strike, about to add his other hand for more control, like a batter about to swing, when...Shannon calmly raised both of his hands, palms flat and fingers stiff, and went CHOP- CHOP-CHOP-CHOP-CHOP, I don't really know how many times but not many and not hard, just all over. Both sides of the luny tune's neck, on his sides, I'm not sure where all, it was a blur, but there weren't even any sounds! It was like stunt karate or something!Except that the other guy's eyes went dead, and his arms and the bat dropped, and he crumpled to the floor neat as can be! I stared, overwhelmed and confused as hell."Damn, boy, I'm glad you don't like to fight!" I said, facetiously, and Shannon was in control mode suddenly. Cold, cool, ready for more."I don't," he said simply. "Guys, meet Donny." Donny was out cold. Shannon kneeled by the body and reached in a front pocket of Donny's jeans and pulled out some keys, from which he took one. "They said they got the key from him, but I guess he made a copy." Then he picked up the cuffs from where he dropped them and went back to Donny and rolled him roughly onto his face and very easily cuffed the unconscious nut case. Edward looked at me funny, and I shrugged. Shannon noticed and went, sort of embarrassed, "My dad's a Ranger.""He works for the Forest Service?" Edward asked incredulously, and I busted up. Shannon broke into song, only straight-faced and sarcastic." 'I want to be an Airborne Ranger!' " he sang, and then winced and cut himself off. "Don't get me wrong, it's cool for my dad, but not me. My dad would have helped Donny beat my brains in."It's funny, but Edward and I never thought to put our clothes back on! We just stood there bare-assed, staring at the dude on the floor, who now looked pretty good, and Shannon didn't mind, either. He left his pants open, even! Then Donny started coming around. Shannon hoisted him up to his feet harshly and then sat him down on the desk chair, facing us as Donny gradually regained his senses.See, the boy was actually real cute, when he was relaxed, and his face was sleepy and soft. You know what I wanted to do to his ass! I guess I just said it out loud."Let's play with him," I suggested and then jumped when I realized what I said! The others seemed to take it seriously. Shannon opened a desk drawer and pulled out a huge, nasty knife and stood in front of Donny a second or two, and then he grabbed the collar of Donny's tank top and cut it all the way down until it hung in pieces, revealing an incredible, hard chest and perfect belly with outrageously defined pecs and a sizzling six- pack! And the boy was tanned! His thick, black happy Lolita Fuck trail cut like stitches up out of his jeans to his tiny belly button! The rest was baby smooth. I was rock hard again, and then I noticed Edward was too. In fact, Shannon's shorts poked way out, also! Fuckin faggots!That's when Donny's eyes opened. The first thing he saw was Shannon's thin shorts tenting out to his face, then Shannon's legs between his, and then up to Shannon's face! Donny turned ugly again, and Shannon just reached one hand over to me, and I knew what he wanted! I tossed him my Tommys, which he quickly balled up and stuffed in Donny's mouth! Fuckin-A! I was pounding again! Shannon stepped back and curled his finger at Edward, who stepped timidly to him and seemed to regard Donny as he would a wild animal that wasn't in its cage.Shannon tugged Edward closer, wrapped his arms around the kid and laid one on him, fast and hard and dirty, with tongue and all, Lolita Fuck until Edward quivered powerlessly! Donny was grunting furiously and struggling like crazy to get free, and when he tried to stand, Shannon popped him once in the stomach, and that was that! Donny watched as Shannon fondled Edward's dripping, 7" cut cock and balls like walnuts, and I stepped behind Donny for a better view of everything!Shannon stroked Edward's naked body slowly, ecstatically, and his eyes drooped before he knelt carefully and reached behind Edward to hold onto the kid's ass as he stuck his face under those tasty walnuts and sniffed and licked, driving Edward insane! Donny was getting blue in the face with frustration...but that's when I saw the bulge in under his button-fly, and how it grew before my startled eyes! It grew and spazzed fast until the huge, hard shape of Donny's boner was painfully obvious! He leaned his head back, and my eyes went from his hard-on to his eyes, and I grinned ear-to-ear! He turned bright red and looked away!So, as Shannon sucked on Edward's ripe young cock and they both grunted and snorted in pleasure, I got on my knees behind Donny and wrapped my arms around the chair and boldly grabbed him hard between the legs, and I heard the poor stud start to cry. His head went all the way back again, trying to see me, to beg me, no doubt, to stop, but no fucking way, as they say! He sounded like he was ready to hyperventilate. I crawled around front and forced his legs open wide and squeezed my chest up between them, and his eyes begged me for mercy. I shook my head and licked my lips!Patiently, I massaged Donny's firm, college body above the waist and played with his pits, and his big, strong Adam's apple bobbed. Sweat broke out all over him, and I licked some up and made him jump Lolita Fuck and moan and tense completely, then relax. I undid his jeans snap by snap, and he had no underwear, so I stuck my nose in his wet, spunky patch of pubes and sniffed him silly! Really!That's when I noticed he seemed to sag more and relax, and I saw a big, dark stain spread from the tip of his dick under his jeans, and I carefully pulled it out, and he jumped and spazzed and gushed more precum, then settled again. I heard Edward breathe faster and then grunt like a wild man as he fed Shannon his 21-year-old little boy load, and Donny panted wickedly through his nose! I looked in his eyes, and they were glued to the action before him. Wide open and spellbound in lust!I had to finish him off right then. I dove onto his 9" homophobic penis, and a homo's dream, and he tensed and leaned back, pushing his feet up from the floor even in the throes of fellatio! Then it got bigger and harder in me, and I forced my head all the down it, and sweat flowed all over from his chest to my head, and I was in Heaven when the poor guy's pent-up sack of cum sprayed off in pulses of manly climax down my throat. Finally his feet went flat again, and his pecker came out of my throat, and he was still spewing off in my mouth! His damp, musky pubes tickled my lips. I lifted and took a mouthful more of the stud's cream and swallowed all of it! He sounded like he was ready to pass out.I stood and wiped his fevered brow. Donny looked grateful finally, and I asked him, "Are you gonna give me any more shit if I take my underwear out of your nasty mouth, punk?" He shook his head fast, and sweat spattered all over the place, especially on me, which I dug. I looked at Edward and Shannon, who nodded. Shannon stood up as I turned and removed my sodden briefs from Donny's mouth, and I just had to smell them and suck on them a little, you know. I'm that way.Well, Donny tried to get the taste of me out of his mouth, but just Lolita Fuck then Shannon closed with him and bent over and laid a road of tongue on that boy that would have choked an experienced kisser, which I doubted Donny was! So Donny appeared to protest more, if silently, just squirming and all, but Shannon took Donny's neck and held on, and pretty soon Donny gave it all up. I saw his boner stiffen again and leak a gob of spunk, so I bent and took it and made him freak all over again! Fuck yeah! I love it!Donny spazzed so hard he fell off the chair, and we all got a piece of him to help his ass back up...onto his knees! As if with one mind, the three fags whipped 'em out and closed around Donny and took turns feeding him our cocks, which after initial gagging the boy gave up and decided if you can't beat 'em, you might as well lick 'em! Literally, see. I don't think he meant to right off, but he closed his eyes at some point and us cocksuckers were all staring down at our circle of boners getting serviced by the homophobe, so when Donny's tongue slipped out on its own and to the straining point, there was just this wild-ass, masculine explosion of breath as Donny licked Shannon's loose, juicy nuts and kept going up the throbbing shaft to the glistening head...and that's when Donny froze and opened his eyes and turned them up at all of us, looked sick a moment, and then took a classic, deep breath and lifted a little on his knees to suck the whole damn thing down!Well, it didn't take long for Shannon to lose it watching his ex-roomie from Hell go down on him with such powerless need, and Lolita Fuck Shannon grabbed Donny's head and rammed his face-fucker to Donny's tonsils! Both their faces went bright red, and I heard the metal chain connecting the cuffs around Donny's wrists pulling tight in an obvious attempt to get free! Shannon arched his body backward and popped his nuts off in Donny's man-virgin belly, and I grabbed Lolita Fuck Edward to plant a wet kiss on his funky face. He smelled so damn good from all the action he was getting!Shannon pulled out of Donny while his dick was still flowing jiz, and Donny subconsciously leaned toward Shannon to lap more up, but Shannon turned ugly again and went, "Don't EVEN think of fucking with me, man," and then kneeled behind Donny to unlock the cuffs. Donny massaged his sore, scraped wrists and didn't see Shannon undressing casually behind him still. When Shannon was naked, and I mean, DAMN! He's fucking awesome, his muscles so well defined all over, just right, not a body builder's but natural, youthful splendor, okay! God, it's something when you see a bod like his. Anyway, when he was bare-ass nekked, he pushed Donny hard, forward onto his hands and knees, and followed fast until his cock surprised Donny at his rear door!Donny's mouth flew open in horror, and one foot actually made it flat onto the floor before Shannon reached all the way over Donny's nice, broad back and shoved the boy's head further down so he was off-balance and prone again."Is there a trick to fucking butt?" Shannon asked me, since I'm obviously the expert on buttfucking ,see! Shit!"Spit," I said, and that was all Shannon needed to hear! He hawked up a big old beauty and slapped it up Donny's rear so Donny jumped and yelped in surprise, especially when Shannon's middle finger penetrated his ass fast and nasty! Damn! I winced! Edward dropped to his knees to see better. He went to biting on his lower lip real hard as he got into the steady in and out of Shannon's long, slender middle finger. I was just beating off fast as I could!The end came, of course, and up to then Donny tried to be a man but when that sweet teenage cock came a-knockin at his back door, his lips curled up and trembled in terror, and his pretty eyes went glassy! Damn, it was so cool! For once in my life, though, I couldn't bear the idea of watching a dude lose his cherry behind like a dog without benefit of at least another gob of lube, so I leaned over the impending violation and let my thick stuff stream from my mouth to Shannon's hot poker, and man, it was just in time! See, Shannon rammed it home to where Donny's pale cheeks were nesting in dark, brown short and curlies!And Donny wailed! There would never be another moment as ugly and cruel and unjust as that moment in time where his ass was taken by someone who meant to inflict as much pain and payback as he could. Shannon did it, too, totally wicked and spiteful...and, well, it was fucking exciting as all hell to watch! Edward crawled in front of him and slapped...SLAPPED!...his pecker against Donny's grimacing face, and then Edward actually cut loose and laughed! Ohmygod!"Goddamn, boy, have a heart!" I begged in Donny's behalf. "At least let him eat that meat, look at him, he's burning in Hell!"So Edward stuffed it straight down Donny's willing mouth, because Lolita Fuck Donny opened up and nodded when he heard me, see, because even sucking cock was better than getting it up the butt if it would take his mind off the whole nasty thing! And I watched and saw it did just that. Donny got real into it. He settled down, and his facial color lightened some, and he started grunting rhythmically with Shannon's great dick jabbing into him, and finally he grabbed Edward's hips and held on tight...And I saw the light come on as his eyes opened, and they were shining that way a man's eyes do when he's in total ecstasy! I know that look, see. Suddenly Donny never wanted it to end! Shannon still reamed his ass good, though, I looked close, and that cock of his was burning flesh! Donny wasn't complaining, though, so I didn't. I was close to spraying again and put my cock near Donny's face. He saw, and he knew, and he grinned! Fuck. THAT was hot!Shannon groaned low and fast and pumped harder and slapped Donny's rear with both hands, and again I saw the intense pleasure explode over Donny's face, and his eyes turned to me as Edward humped his face furiously, and right at the second Shannon wound up and spewed his load into Donny's guts, Donny chuckled around that mouthful and I leaned on Donny's back for support as I chucked my wad all over his cute, mellowed out young face, and Edward saw everything going down at once and joined in with his sexy rock and roll dance in Donny's overwhelmed mouth!Donny swallowed feverishly and shook from the battering he took from both sides. I got down and licked myself off his sizzling face, and when Edward plooped out of him I tongued a creamy taste into Donny's dripping sucker. He took my tongue with his whole mouth and milked my spunk from me and made the wildest horny boy sounds drinking it down! Yeah, he did! No shit! So I let him suck the rest of it from my dick, which he totally ate up.The four of us crazy, over-sexed teenage bastards crashed on the floor together and tried to catch our breaths, and Lolita Fuck in the middle of our gasping and unwinding, Shannon looked at Donny and slapped his hip hard and said, "Hey, asshole."Donny made a funny smirk and shook his head in disbelief and said, "I'm sorry, okay, I'm fucking sorry!""I was just gonna say I guess you can stay the night, Donny. So can you guys if you want." Edward and I lit up and nodded! "So that means you'll have to sleep with me, dude, you understand?"Slowly it dawned on Donny, and he licked his lips nervously.
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